Mozart, 1986

Mickey, 1970

Santa, 1969

Tiger, 1973

Purple Cat, 1989

Gray Cat, 1988

Squirrel, 1994

Fuck Stamp, 1992 (view 1)

Fuck Stamp, 1992 (view 2)

Giraffe, 1993

Papier Mache

Dale's papier mache pieces are not made using the traditional method of paper strips soaked in flour paste. Instant Papier Mache is her medium. It's starts as a square chunk of powdery fiber mixture (somewhat resembling the contents of your vacuum cleaner bag) to which water is added and the concoction kneaded into a clay like substance. This is molded over an armature consisting of wire, plastic bottle, styrofoam, wood, or whatever lends itself to the desired shape. Once sculpted and dried, the piece is given a Gesso (art medium resembling yogurt) undercoat and finished with enamel paint.

Flowered Cat, 1971

Yellow Cat, 1985