Dale Chase, Writer and Artist

Hot Copy: Classic Gay Erotica from the Magazine Era

Now available in print and e-book, from Lethe Press.

What an era it was, racks of magazines with hot guys on the glossy cover and hotter ones inside. Tucked in among the slick photos were stories, two or three to an issue, fiction by a host of writers including Dale Chase who spent eight lively years writing about sex with mechanics, bikers, professors, politicians and a host of others; sex in traffic school, supply rooms, and onstage at the theater; sex in just about every venue you can imagine and a few you can't. Characters are strong in Chase's work, her prose lean and powerful, her sex scenes guaranteed to turn up the heat. Take a trip back to a bygone time that showcased some of the finer gay erotica ever written; open the book to any page and prepare to be stirred.


2014 magazine paper collage--Dale the artist celebrating Dale the writer.